329 Engineering works with manufacturing facilities throughout New England. We collaborate with you to implement cutting tool technologies from all major manufacturers, design custom tooling, develop optimal tool paths, reduce manufacturing costs, and get the most productivity possible from your machine tools. We help businesses realize cost-savings while meeting production tolerances and scheduling demands.

Helping manufacturing businesses fully utilize their machine tools through innovation, science, and the proper application of cutting tools in a winning combination.

329 Engineering is tremendously proud of the cost-saving impact we have made by providing application-specific feeds and speeds, cutting tool design and implementation, recommending beneficial tool paths for the machine and the cutting tool, and applying innovative cutting tool technologies. With over 20 years in machining and manufacturing, I have held positions ranging from Manual Machinist to Inspection to Design Engineer to Applications Engineer. Understanding the science behind material removal is crucial to excelling in the field, particularly in high-temp alloys.

329 Engineering is confident that our unique experiences, knowledge, and cost-saving focus will be an absolute asset to your business.

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Our Services

Application Engineering

329 Engineering focuses on what’s important to you in solving your unique challenges. Whether your objective is to reduce cycle time, reduce tooling cost, increase throughput, remove production bottlenecks, or optimize your existing process, 329 Engineering will help your business achieve your goals.

Custom Tooling Design

The proper design and implementation of an application-specific cutting tool will reduce your overall manufacturing cost. 329 Engineering works closely with end-user Engineers and Programmers to design, coordinate, and manufacture the custom tooling required to accomplish your objectives.

Turnkey Solutions

329 Engineering will develop and evaluate various methods to determine the most cost-effective material removal strategy to pursue. We start with your part and the machines you will use, select appropriate cutting tools, identify proper machining parameters, write the NC program, create setup sheets, and assist with the initial setup, testing, and tweaking to ensure we deliver the best value to you.