Getting the Most from Your Machine Tool Investment

329 Engineering is tremendously proud of the cost-saving impact we have made by providing application-specific feeds and speeds, implementing innovative cutting tools, custom tool design and implementation, and applying specialized tool paths that are beneficial for workpiece/tool/machine combination. With over 20 years in machining and manufacturing, I have held positions ranging from Manual Machinist to Inspection to Design Engineer to Applications Engineer. Understanding the science behind material removal is crucial to excelling in the field, particularly in high-temperature alloys.

329 Engineering is confident that our unique experiences, knowledge, and cost-saving focus will be an absolute asset to your business.


Quality Results

329 Engineering works directly with engineers, programmers, machinists, and inspection teams to exceed each of our clients’ expectations. Our objective is to develop the most robust solution to the challenge presented. We take great pride in providing quality manufacturing engineering, design, and programming services through exceptional customer service every day. We approach each project individually with a focus on cost-savings. We’re absolutely here for you.


I believe that the experience and education gained throughout my career provide an arsenal of science, math, fundamental principles, cutting tool technology, material knowledge, programming, and application proficiency that can be immediately applied to your projects and challenges. There is always more than one road to get you there; 329 Engineering will help you plan the least scenic route.

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